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School tries new energy saving products to improve washroom performance

15th Jan 2021
Written by: phs Group
phs Group

A drive to educate its pupils on green issues prompted St Martin’s school in Northwood to try new energy saving products from phs in its washrooms following a 20 year relationship with the group

The private school has been working with phs to provide improved washroom facilities to staff and students for nearly two decades, but a push for a greener agenda at the school saw it invest in new environmentally-friendly washroom equipment.

Waste from all phs sanitary disposal units is processed by phs LifeCycle, which diverts the waste from landfill and processes it as an alternative fuel source. phs LifeCycle is a revolutionary patented process that shreds and compresses wet waste to extract the liquid, chemically treats dry waste and turns it into waste bales to be used as ‘Refuse Derived Fuel’.

The school also tackled its water usage using phs’ intelligent FLOWSAVER URINAL water management system. The award-winning system uses innovative technology to prevent unnecessary urinal flushing when a washroom is empty, and minimal flushing when it is in use, saving up to 80% of urinal flush water.

Its intelligent technology includes an infrared sensor which detects movement up to 3 meters away and schedules automatic flushes accordingly. During high usage periods as well as quiet periods, the FLOWSAVER URINAL adjusts its flushes.

New high speed, energy efficient hand dryers have also been installed in all washrooms. I’ve been at the school for over 14 years and we worked with phs even before my time here. In our experience, phs provides the most innovative washroom solutions. We have recently invested in new solar panels at the school and are on a programme to encourage pupils to take an interest in green issues so the environmentally-friendly products and services on offer from phs fit perfectly into our agenda, giving us energy-efficient, as well as hygienic and fresh, washrooms

phs brought in new sanitary disposal units to take a greener approach to sanitary waste disposal and reduce the school’s impact on landfill.

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