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15th Jan 2021
Written by: phs Group
phs Group

Patients are a source of airbourne pollutants at the doctors. The influenza virus, fungi, bacteria and sometimes unpleasant odours can all be present in waiting areas and treatment rooms. In fact, the air at this Medical Centre was unpleasant enough for them to do something about it. They requested for two AERAMAX Professional units be installed in the consulting rooms, wishing they’d done so sooner once the benefit became clear

AERAMAX® Professional effectively cleans the air and removes unpleasant odour in the consulting rooms.

The AERAMAX® Professional III units were installed in the consulting rooms. These powerful air treatment units are equipped with EnviroSmart technology, intelligent sensors that continuously monitor the occupancy and condition of the room. The sensors detect sound, movement and odours then automatically switch the machine into its optimal setting. When the air is clean again the unit turns into standby mode to save energy and extend filter life.

AERAMAX® Professional cleans the air in four steps. The pre-filter removes larger particles including dust. The Hybrid Filter uses 2 processes to purify the air. First active carbon filtration adsorbs unpleasant odours, gases and pollution eliminating them from the air. Then a large HEPA filter captures particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) like bacteria, germs, viruses, dust and allergens. The result is clean purified air that is 99.9% free from airborne contaminants. AERAMAX® Professional air purifiers are designed for installation in busy areas with a high concentration of pollution. A rugged housing, superior components and highly efficient filters combine to give a durable and reliable performance. The result is noticeably clean air.

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