Sanitise On The Go

Sanitise On The Go

To make increased hand washing as fuss free as possible, we are delighted to offer 1.5ml Alcohol Gel Sachets which allow people to instantly sanitise their hands as and when required. 
The single use sachets are easily transportable and ensure that the user does not come into contact with a shared dispenser or bottle. These Alcohol Gel Sachets are suitable for any workplace. They are particularly suitable for industries with remote workers who may not have constant access to soap and water. 
For areas that also require surface cleans, our Alcohol Hand & Surface Wipe Sachets are a great solution. Each wipe comes in an individual sachet and they are available in capacities of between 1ml and 10ml. 

To compliment the use of these products, we are also able to supply Nitrile disposable gloves, and disposable face masks. 

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Effective Hand Care

Effective Hand Care

Poor hand hygiene is directly linked to the spread of germs. Therefore, it is more important than ever that businesses with high-footfall are providing appropriate hand drying facilities.

Exclusive to phs, the AIRSTREAM PURE® offers a fast-dry time of less than 15 seconds which will help to reduce washroom congestion. The device is fitted with HEPA filters that remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the drying air.

The AIRSTREAM PURE® features a full width air slot, delivering 48L of air per second, with a directional LED light source that helps to ensure users hands are optimally positioned for fast and effective drying.

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phs Warner Howard are open for business as normal, continuing to provide the very best in high quality washroom products including hand dryers, hair dryers, and water management systems to wholesalers, architects and contractors.

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Clean Your Air

Bacteria can easily spread through the air. If businesses want to reopen safely, and remain open, they should be looking at ways to reduce the risk of airborne infection.

phs Warner Howard offer air purifying machines that are suitable for use in any working environment, regardless of size or industry. Our range of air-cleaning products are easily fitted onto walls and work to purify the air in interior spaces.

The AERAMAX is designed with HEPA filters to physically clean the air, removing impurities including allergens, germs, and viruses such as flu, colds, and the norovirus.

Meanwhile, the BIOZONE works to improve the hygiene level of the air and uses sterilising techniques to destroy bacteria; including flu, E. coli, salmonella and streptococcus.


To reduce the risk of infection, many employers are reporting an increased need for PPE consumable products, such as disposable gloves, cleaning products, and masks.

phs Warner Howard can now supply a variety of workplace consumables and can deliver required products to your workplace within 48 hours of purchase.

A wide range of products are available including toilet tissues, paper towels, hand washing dispensers, and air sanitisers. All products provided are industry-leading and environmentally friendly.

You can also download our deep clean guide here: