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15th Jan 2021
Written by: phs Group
phs Group

With snacks and fresh food served on site, controlling malodours is very important. Bad-smelling odours in the male washrooms have been a particular problem in the centres, causing an unpleasant environment for both customers and staff.

To address the problem, Bowlplex has installed BIOZONE air purification systems into the large male washroom areas in each of its 17 sites. BIOZONE is extremely effective at resolving odour problems and killing germs both in the air and on surfaces. Unlike the air fragrancing units that Bowlplex previously used for odour control, BIOZONE does not use scents or chemicals to mask odours, but kills the bacteria that cause them

Installing BIOZONE has made a huge difference to the odour issues at Bowlplex and unpleasant washroom smells are no longer a problem. BIOZONE uses a unique combination of five different odour sterilising techniques, making it 99.99% effective against viruses, bacteria, mould spores and odours

BIOZONE is mains operated, uses little energy and requires minimum maintenance yet is extremely effective and works 24 hours a day. It offers a lasting solution for the washroom, destroying bacteria both in the air and on surfaces and addressing malodours

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