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Introducing… The SM48-820W Hand Dryer – Our New Energy-Efficient Hand Dryer

08th Jul 2024
Written by: phs Group
phs Group

phs Warner Howard is excited to introduce the latest addition to our line of hand dryers: the SM48-820W. After 16 years, we are replacing the long-established SM48 with this modern, high-performance, and low-energy hand dryer, designed by our expert team right here in the UK.

It’s an exciting development in the world of hand dryers, providing locations across the UK with an energy efficient dryer that will not only save on emissions, but signals phs Warner Howard’s status as the first company in the UK to eliminate all plastic from our packaging – saving around 200,000 pieces of single-use plastic each year.

Let’s take a closer look at the SM48-820W, a must-have warm air dryer for your business.

The lowdown on the SM48-820W

The SM48-820W is a cutting-edge hand dryer that boasts several impressive features:

  • Energy Efficiency. With an energy rating of just 820W, it significantly outperforms its predecessor, which was rated at 1.8kW. The new model maintains the warm drying air of the original but uses only 400W compared to the previous 1.7kW.
  • Faster Drying Time. The SM48-820W dramatically reduces drying time from around 45 seconds to just 15-17 seconds, making it one of the fastest hand dryers available.
  • Sleek Design. Its modern, sleek design seamlessly fits with the styling of our existing EL600/1100 & Airforce ranges.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging. In line with our commitment to sustainability, all our in-house dryers, including the SM48-820W, are packed completely plastic-free. This means no single-use plastic bags and no plastic wall plugs that often end up being discarded by contractors.

Is it time you made the switch?

If you're due an upgrade from your SM48 or another less efficient hand dryer, now is the perfect time to upgrade. The SM48-820W offers superior performance, energy efficiency, and a sleek design without any increase in cost. The significant reduction in drying time not only improves user experience but also ensures higher turnover in busy washrooms.

Why an energy-efficient hand dryer is great for your business

Switching to an energy-efficient hand dryer like the SM48-820W can benefit your business in several ways:

Cost Savings

Energy-efficient warm air dryers can help reduce your energy consumption drastically. If your washrooms are a high-traffic area for your business or organisation (especially if you operate public washrooms), then lower energy consumption directly translates to reduced electricity bills.


Besides cost savings, reduced energy use and eco-friendly packaging help your business meet its environmental targets. If you have a sustainability strategy, this can be an important contribution, and a positive implementation to share with your employees, stakeholders and of course, your customers.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Faster drying times mean happier customers and a better overall experience in your facilities. If you have customer satisfaction targets in place, you could measure the impact your new dryers are having on your feedback rates.

Modern Aesthetics

Not only are energy-efficient warm air dryers designed to provide superior drying with lower emissions, but they are also designed to be stylish and modern. The sleek design enhances the look of your washrooms, reflecting positively on your brand.

A commitment to reducing plastic waste

At phs Warner Howard, we put people at the heart of our products and services. We strive for innovation, excellence and sustainability in all our endeavours. We are committed to maintaining sustainable practices that help our environment. Our products are designed to pass these energy savings onto our customers, who can do their bit to help our planet by adopting energy efficient technology and cut down on plastic waste.

All our hand dryers are now packaged without plastic, helping to avoid contributing to the tonnes of plastic waste that end up in landfills each year. Our packaging is recyclable, helping you enjoy sustainable savings before you’ve even started using your new product.

phs Warner Howard - the UK's trusted choice for energy-efficient warm air dryers

For decades, phs Warner Howard has been the go-to choice for reliable and efficient hand dryers in the UK. Our commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability ensures that you receive the best products on the market. The new SM48-820W hand dryer is a testament to our dedication to providing top-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Upgrade to the SM48-820W today and experience the benefits of a truly modern, energy-efficient warm air dryer.

Talk to us today about your dryer needs. Contact the phs Warner Howard team today and benefit from more than 60 years of incredible services to businesses and organisations across the UK.

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