Flowsaver Sensor

  • Flowsaver MKII PHS Logo - No longer comes with Solenoid Valve (code 17022988)

Product Specifications

1 Year


This product is a replacement sensor for the FlOWSAVER URINAL Water Management System.

About the FlOWSAVER URINAL system:
The award-winning FLOWSAVER Urinal System uses innovative technology to prevent unnecessary urinal flushing when your washroom is empty, and minimal flushing when it is in use, saving up to 80% of urinal flush water.

Additional features:

  • Save Water, Save Money
    Uncontrolled or excessive urinal flushing can waste water and money. That’s why the FLOWSAVER Urinal Water Management System is designed to match the urinal flush cycle to the footfall using the urinal, ensuring both optimum hygiene levels and saving.
  • Intelligent Operation
    The system uses an electronic sensor unit which is linked to a solenoid valve installed into the water supply pipe of the urinal cistern. The infrared sensor detects movement up to 3 metres away and schedules automatic flushes accordingly